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We simplify and accelerate global payments

We offer a wide range of payment solutions, to different corporations in many industries, so customers can enjoy a user-friendly purchasing experience.

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Open European and international markets to your customers.


Provide cross-border transfers for your customers.


Save money and time on European transfers


Convert currencies within your account.


Facilitate your customer management.


Fast registration and processing of payments.

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Personalized Financial Services Is Our Mission

We aim to set a high standard in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, social responsibility and shareholder value by building a successful online society. Our sole mission is to provide clients with personalized, efficient and competitive-priced financial services while implementing reasonable policies which will benefit our customers, shareholders and communities we serve.

Corporate Banking

Receive Top Notch Neo-banking experience, Corporate Bank Accounts offering multi-currency solution for corporates registered worldwide. Fast and easy.

Personal Banking

Have your personal bank account opened in Europe and/or International. We offer, multi-currency solution regardless of jurisdictions of our clients.

Worldwide Service, Local Expertise
We Provide You The Ultimate Convenience In Cross Border Payment World!
Cross Border Payments

Consumers pay in their own currency while using their preferred payment methods. We offer businesses over 35 currencies and 150 payment methods in over 170 counties.

Buy Company with IBAN

Have your IBAN and Company within 24h. Buy already established company in UK, Cyprus and/or Canada with existing IBAN. Fast KYC and change of shareholders and directors.


Our team can assist you to become our partner. Choose “Introducer” “Agent” or “White Label” solution serve your clients with SEPA/SWIFT payments. Contact our Limassol team for more details.

Debit And Prepaid Cards
Receive your debit card and use internationally.

Co-branded cards available, no name personal or corporate cards. We offer also the Virtual Cards, per your request.

Optimised services & products
  • Team

    A team of experts in digital payments industry.

  • Platform

    Access reliable and flexible payment infrastructure.

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